Video is our DNA

It lays inside our Heart. At Planet M, we focus on your business goal and create compelling animation for all mediums

Who we are

We are a family of storytellers, content writers, designers, illustrators, animators, art director, creative director, voice artists, music composers who are living and working together to create animated contents for all mediums. We don't care if you are small or large, you are old or new, you are local or oversea, we are curious about your business, the reason you starts, the problem you are facing and turns your experts into a video that engage your audiences and take action.


Our values



We respect your business, and we want you to act the same with us. We want to build an open relationship with honesty.

Creativity is not an option

We are creative thinkers. We define your problem and use creativity to build solutions for your business. 

Be different

Every project is not the same. We embrace changes, deep down into your business and make your videos stand out fro the crowd

Time does matter

We understand that if you use time effective, it will take advantage. We optimize our working process to produce a video in a short turnaround.


Meet the core team